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Channing is so smart. She learned to sit on verbal and hand command the first day! She was already paper trained (thank you!) and she has done extremely well on house training! She has only had two poopie accidents, and a couple of times at night she has wet her bed. She has started to ring the bell to go outside not just for potty but she has figured out that anytime she rings the bell, we let her out. If Bailey rings the bell she is right there beside him.

She is extremely exuberant, running all over the yard and exploring everything. We also call her "Crouching Dragon!" She has this move, standing on her hindlegs before she pounces on's the cutest thing you've ever seen. We will try to video it, but of course, they always do the cute stuff when you don't have your camera on you!

Our groomer, Danielle, can't wait to see her, we will be taking her for a bath and cut in two weeks. We set up standing appointments for them every 4 weeks just to stay on top of it and keep them acclimated to grooming. We comb her every day, but don't use a brush on her yet. Bailey on the other hand got a little too matted because we went for a few days without combing and then he went swimming which made it worse. We tried to use a conditioner on him but it actually made it worse. Danielle is going to bring us a leave-in conditioner that you can only get at the shows, so we will have that if Channing ever needs it.

Channing would make an excellent show dog because she learns so quickly. We may consider that somewhere down the line, but it takes a lot of time for that, and we don't have much time to devote to it yet.

I'm glad your puppy looks like she will do well in the ring and it was worth the drive down to this area. We certainly appreciated not having to drive up to Michigan (although we would have done it!).

little jet had a great vacation! He has experienced so many different things that I think he will be bored where he gets back. He is eating and drinking and sleeping just fine. Really no whining at all. He even played in the water at the lake! I will try and send pics to you this week.

I've been meaning to send you some pictures of Neville, I can't believe he's over a year and a half old! He became a big brother of sorts this summer as we welcomed our first child in July. Neville (and our old lady Luna) have been great with him. Graham loves to watch them and "pet" them, and they both are very patient and sweet with him. We also moved to the Cleveland area, and have great woods to go for walks in, squirrels aplenty :-)
Hope all is well and enjoy the holidays


Hi Mike
Just wanted to give you an update on Cale.
She is perfect ! ( most of the time)
Loves the cottage, doesn't run, can swim and fetch! She is the alpha dog, so Briar has had some adjusting , but they are
great buddies.
Cale is getting quite fuzzy, but will get her first full official Bedlington cut at Christmas.
Hope all is well with you. How is her sister doing at the shows?
Thanks again for Cale.

She is everything I could have hoped for in a companion Bedlington Terrier and her personality is exactly as you assessed it in the puppy aptitude test. She is loving and has a great sense of humor. She has trained well and is smart and attentive. She is bigger than we expected, weighing in at 20lbs, but lean and athletic. I think she has beautiful conformation and people often comment on what a beautiful girl she is or what a pretty head she has. The only issue we had early on was separation anxiety (whining and drooling) which she has mostly grown out of although she would still rather be with us and gets nervous if we leave her in a strange place. Cobie is a good traveler and stays easily in hotels. We spend the summer and fall in Iowa and the winter/spring in Arizona. She likes both places and loves to be outdoors. She hikes in the desert in Arizona and runs through the fields in Iowa. As she was bred for, she chases birds, squirrels, possums, cats etc. She loves most dogs and most people. Her special friends are a mini pony, a bulldog, and a Vizla. She is a happy, healthy girl and I am grateful every day that we found you and her when we were looking for a puppy

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