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Here is a little background and information.

I have a small kennel in Michigan. We bought our first Bedlington in 1968. I only produce one litter a year from that I will pick one or two puppies to show. I cannot possibly show all of them so I sell the rest as high quality companion puppies.

I register my puppies exclusively through the American Kennel Club and follow their code of ethics. All companion puppies will be sold with a limited registration.

In the past the Bedlington breed has had some problems with a genetic disease called CT - Copper Toxicosis. A disease where the liver stores high levels of copper, it can be treated with a low copper diet and the dog can live out a long full life.

All of my dogs have been tested and are clear of the defect. They come with a health guarantee, all vaccinations records. I take great care to only produce the healthiest puppies possible. Please click on the contract tab to see the purchase contract for further details on health guarantee

All my puppies are socialized from day one and are handled several times a day to help make them secure and confident. A confident puppy is a happy puppy and that makes for a better family member.

I can supply your with several references from my veterinarians and happy families that have purchased a puppy from me upon request.

The Selection Process
Here are the details of the steps and reasons why I use these steps in my selection process. I have used this process for many years and I am happy to say that I have never had to re-home any of my puppies.

Step one
Puppy form- It gives me a general overview of the families and what their wishes and desirers are for the puppy. Seams simple but I had one family that lived in Canada and wanted a Bedlington to alert the family when the kids where playing outside, that's because they had problems with bears coming in the yard. Any Bedlington would skip the alert and run straight at the bear to defend his family. Not the best idea why to buy a Bedlington.

Step two
Personal phone call with the new family, we both need to feel comfortable. I need to know my pup will be taken care of in a forever home, and you need to know I am a reputable breeder and not just conning you out of your money. The internet is a wonderful thing but we both need to be careful.

Step three
Visitation -This step is very important and I will not deviate from it. It is for the safety of everyone involved and the puppy. I will not allow any family visitations until five days after their first vaccinations @ 6 weeks of age. I will send you weekly update and photos of your puppy after you have placed a deposit so you can watch your puppy grow. I know of several incidents where breeders broke the golden rule and lost the entire litter to a communicable disease because the puppies where not protected yet buy vaccinations (Parvo). Even at 7 weeks they only have about a 35% protection rate. Only after they have had their third vaccination @12 weeks are they around a 100%.

A deposit will be required to hold your puppy until delivery. Please see click on the purchase agreement tab for a detailed description of the purchase agreement.

These steps are not meant to offend anyone and are in the best interest of the puppy and their new families.

This is just a brief outline about what my puppies have to offer. I am sure you may have more questions so please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.